Top 5 Celebrity Weddings

Top 5 Celebrity Weddings

Last year was a great year for celebrities tieing the knot. Here are some of our favourite celeb weddings!

Macie Bookout and Taylor McKinney

The much-loved couple exchanged their vows at Florida’s Honey Lake Resort where the OG Teen Mom star wore an elegant wedding dress with a colorful bouquet of flowers. The newlyweds enjoyed a delicious single-tier cake and a slew of glazed doughnuts – yummy!

Audrina Partridge and Corey Bohan

Their wedding was a magical ceremony in Hawaii with the bride wearing a beautiful white crystallised dress.  They exchanged their vows amidst the golden sand and sparkling blue waters of the ocean. The wedding had a typical Bohemian feeling; guested dined under floral chandeliers. To ensure your groom looks as great as these celebrities on your big day contact Drakes of London. They’re absolutely brilliant.

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjave

The Dancing with the stars legend had a great wedding celebration on July 31 at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills after appearing together in Season 20 of the reality show.

Ciara and Russel Wilson

Ciara and Russel Wilson held a grand wedding at the majestic Peckforton Castle in Chesire, England. The wedding was a grand one with over 48 bedrooms for guest accommodation over 36000 acres of land.

Becca Tobin and Zach Martin

The couples happy day took place on Saturday, December 3 in Wyoming. Tobin wore a beautiful gown created by Odylyne the Ceremony. The event was a grand one.

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Being on Good Terms with Wedding Suppliers

Being on Good Terms with Wedding Suppliers

In order to have a great wedding, you need a good wedding supplier from The Wedding Guide– someone who’s going to make it all possible and has some great beer gas suppliers contact details and many more that will make your wedding unforgettable. However, even having the best possible supplier there does not necessarily mean that the entire wedding is going to go as planned, and that is why it is really important for people to be on good terms with their wedding suppliers and do everything they can in order to let the relationship between the supplier and the wedding organiser run as smooth as possible. Achieving that isn’t that difficult, and all the people need to do is to follow the simple tips below.

Tip 1 – Sign a Contract

Make sure you sign a contract with the wedding supplier, and in that contract, you ought to specify all the things you want the supplier to do, as well as the payment dates, timelines, and of course, the prices. This will make the business a lot easier, because every party knows exactly what their responsibilities are.

Tip 2 – Pay a Deposit

The suppliers need to do a lot of work before the wedding ceremony takes place, and in order for them to do that, they need money, of course. That is why it is really important for you to pay a deposit; it will allow the supplier to get everything, buy everything, and make everything the wedding needs. Also, make sure you pay this as early as possible – it will motivate the supplier, who’ll then be able to start preparing for your wedding a lot earlier.

Tip 3 – Involve Suppliers in Your Plans

You need to coordinate with the supplier, because if the supplier is not familiar with certain aspects of your wedding, they could be a problem. So, involve them as much as you can in your plans, and also invite them to your wedding rehearsal – that way they’ll know exactly how everything’s supposed to play out.

Tip 4 – Be Realistic

Some people want the impossible, and they get angry at the wedding supplier for not being able to make it all possible. That is why you need to set some realistic goals for the work to get done. It’s basically impossible to complete everything in just one or two days; hire a wedding supplier a lot earlier, and there shouldn’t be any issue of this sort.

Tip 5 – Be Specific

Being specific in your demands is really important, because that will allow the wedding supplier to set up the wedding exactly as you’ve wanted it. Ideal Party for all your catering needs, let them know so this happens. Do not be vague with them and then be angry when everything is not to your liking. So, say exactly what you want, and how you want it done, and the supplier is going to do everything in their power to make it possible.

Tip 6 – Pay on Time

It is normal to pay for a service, and especially if the price has been agreed upon a lot earlier. If the agreement was to pay the supplier in advance, than you should follow that agreement, as you should follow the agreement to pay the supplier after the ceremony, if that was the agreement made between you two.

How to Curl Hair with Straighteners on Your Big Wedding Day

Wedding is one of the most memorable and big days in your life. Aside from the wedding plans, it is also important that you look gorgeous on this very important day. It is the day where you and your most loving partner will be united as one by your great love towards each other. Your dearest friends and families are present in your wedding, so you need to look at your best on this very significant event of your life.

To have a one lovely wedding show, you need to look attractive for you to be more confident at the start until the end of the event. To attain this, you need to have a complete makeover including your hairstyle. It is important that you feel more comfortable about yourself including the way you dress and the way you look. Meanwhile, in establishing a perfect hairstyle on your big wedding day, you need some tips to make yourself look elegant and confident.

One of the best hairstyle in a wedding day is the curly hair. How can a great curly hair be attained? First, to achieve your dreamed hairstyle on your wedding day, you need to choose the best hair styling tools. Curly hair is the best type of hairstyle that will surely help you to look brilliant and attractive.

How to achieve long lasting curls for your important event

Instead of using your curling iron, it is more advisable to rather use straighteners. This hair tool is very effective to make your curls last all day, every day. It contains a great amount of heat that are properly distributed in all parts of your hair, preventing it from looking dull at the end of the day. Through the use of straighteners, you can have bouncier curls with good volume that can last all day till night. Aside from straighteners, you also need various things for your perfect hairstyle. These things include hairspray, tail comb, curl hold spray, small metal pin curl clips as well as large section clips.

The procedure

In the process, first, use the tail comb to make sections around your hair. Also use the large section clips to protect the hair on the upper of your head. It is best if you start from the bottom of your hair to the top. Use your curl hold spray around your hair to have a strong defense against the great amount of heat. Comb all throughout your hair to make sure that the curl hold are properly distributed in all the parts of your precious hair.

Next, make sections with your hair about 2 inches wide. While holding it tightly, get the straightener and put it on your hair. Revolve the straightener 180 degrees. After the rotation of the straightener, hold on so that you can make it on 360 degrees, which enables your hair to be wrapped fully. With this, you can have tighter curls. Then, slowly glide the straighteners on the tip of your hair. Meanwhile, to achieve better results, you can consult the best hairstylist to make the process easy for you. With this, you can now have your dream wedding day while looking great in the eye of the public.

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Why Limo Hire is a Great Option for your Stag Party

For those men who want to be wise enough in their stag party, hiring a limousine is an ideal thing to do. Limo hire is a great option for their stag party. This is because it is more affordable than just renting two expensive taxis.

If you will hire a limo service for your stag party, you can love it enjoying and drinking with your friends while heading to the stag party venue. You can also bring your music type. And then, have some laugh trips with your friends.

Limo services are mainly offered by professional chauffeurs. They are knowledgeable and skilled enough on how to drive safely while heading to the stag party venue. They can drop you off at the exact location of the venue on time. And, you will not experience any difficulties and problems on your way.

Why limo hire is such a great option for your stag party? There are several reasons why you need to choose limo hire over other transportation services:

  1. Space

You can have all your mates or friends picked up in just one car. The limo is already spacious enough to hold a group of people.

  1. Prestige

If you will arrive at the venue of the stag party riding on a limousine, people will assume that you are such an important person. This builds up your reputation and prestige to get the best entry at your stag party venue.

  1. Everyone is Situated in One Vehicle

One of the most obvious reasons in choosing a limo for your stag party is that it offers the best social experience to people riding on it. And, of course, you want your stag party celebration to be exciting and fun. And thus, you can start an exciting celebration while you’re on your way to the club or venue where the party will be held.

  1. Affordable

You don’t need to worry about the money you will have to spend with a limo hire. The transportation services are mainly offered at their affordable prices. This is the reason why men who want to have their stag party choose for limo services. This is simply because they can save a lot of money from their pocket.

  1. Safe

You are most assured that with limo services, you and your friends will be safe and secure on your way to your stag party venue. Since the chauffeurs are skilled and professional enough, you are most assured of your convenience as well. Your safety will serve as your topmost concern. Thus, there is nothing to worry about.

Despite of the fact that there are lots of transportation services to choose from, a limo hire will still remain as a great option during your stag party. To make sure you look as clean as your limo, check out Silky Smooth Beauty soon as possible, get waxed up! With the above mentioned reasons, you will already have an idea of limo hire as the best solution to your problem. You no longer have to spoil the fun and enjoyment. You just need to be extra careful in choosing limousines over other modes of transportation.

Engagement Rings And What Look For

Engagement Rings And What Look For

Do you ever look forward to the part of your life where you’re sitting with the one you love and your children in a lovely home and you finally feel like you’ve made it. It leaves you thinking what you want the rest of your future to be like and of course the perfect wedding proposal. Wedding proposals have gained some ground with some even going viral. Engagements have become a very difficult thing to decide on but one important detail has been left out.

What do you look for when it comes to picking the perfect engagement ring from Orla James?

Now with online websites, picking a wedding ring has become a lot simpler. It allows you to design the actual ring online. Another great wedding ring choice is keeping it in the family. Sometimes rings can be passed down as heirlooms from generation to generation. This is a great choice because it means a lot more to the person than a store bought ring might. Similarly you could always go with engraving a special message into the ring. This makes the wedding ring even more personal.


Budget can be a great factor when it comes to choosing a ring, as obviously wedding rings can be extremely expensive. Obviously go for something that is within your budget or consider saving up money.

Think of the design

A girl will always look for a lovely design when it comes to a wedding ring. So a design is an important aspect of picking a wedding ring.


Make sure to always have your partner’s size when it comes to picking a ring, it will show that you have taken the effort to get the right and also just makes the matter of proposing a lot simpler.


Think of the properties of the metal of course. Traditionally gold is used for most wedding bands; some even choose silver, which is a simpler option. However platinum is more expensive but will last a lot longer.

Once you’ve got an idea on the rings you want you can look forward to your special day and so the rest of your life.

A Five-Step Guide To Surviving Your Own Wedding

It’s all about the day.

Planned to perfection.



There are numerous reasons why a wedding is a rather stressful event, especially when it comes to your wedding, things can sometimes get out of control. In order not to allow stress and anxiety ruin your special day, I have devised a five step guide to surviving your own wedding. Hopefully, it will help you deal with stress and anxiety on this very important day. However, always start by arriving on time! With Mayday Travel’s coach hire uk service, this will never be an issue on your big day.

1. Drink Reasonably

Whether you are at the bride or the groom, it is important to remember that no one would like to see you drunk at your own wedding. This is precisely why I would advise you to try and drink within reasonable limits. No one said you couldn’t taste one drop of alcohol provided by Twelve By Seventy Five, but it is important that it doesn’t show. In addition to that, you don’t want to be the person blushing in the photographs, or looking simply weird. You can have a good time even without excessive amounts of any substances. Make sure you are having a great time, and drink reasonably.

2. Eat Reasonably

In addition to that, sometimes the bride and groom get overwhelmed with the choice of food. Whether you plan to eat too little or too much at your own wedding, remember that none of the two is a good idea. Eating too much will just make you tired and drowsy, looking for a bed, and eating too little can even harm your health. Often times the brides eat little or no food during their own wedding, and this can make them exhausted, and ultimately they won’t enjoy the experience. It’s important to relax during your own wedding enjoy the experience.

3. Smile To Everyone

If you plan to invite numerous people you know and don’t know, you should be prepared to smile at everyone with equal amount of honesty and enthusiasm. Remember, these people are here to show respect towards you and your partner, they have come to have fun with you on this very special day, make sure that they know how much you appreciate their effort. In addition to that, you may or may not like all the people will attend your wedding, what’s more, you may even not know all the people who will attend your work – nonetheless, it’s important to show equal amount of respect and enthusiasm towards everyone.

4. Let It Go!

When it comes to arguments and opinions you don’t agree on with everyone, it’s important to let it go on your wedding day. Try not to hear just about everything people say, and try your best to just let everything go. Even if someone does offend you, pretend it never happened.

5. Have A Good Time!

If you really want to enjoy your wedding, you should be prepared to have a great time. If having a good time means that you will be singing in dancing, then sing and dance with your partner. If having a good time means that you won’t dance, than dogs your partner about dancing before the event. Remember, it is important that you are relaxed, that you’re having a great time, and that you and your partner are opening a new chapter in your life.