Do you ever look forward to the part of your life where you’re sitting with the one you love and your children in a lovely home and you finally feel like you’ve made it. It leaves you thinking what you want the rest of your future to be like and of course the perfect wedding proposal. Wedding proposals have gained some ground with some even going viral. Engagements have become a very difficult thing to decide on but one important detail has been left out.

What do you look for when it comes to picking the perfect engagement ring from Orla James?

Now with online websites, picking a wedding ring has become a lot simpler. It allows you to design the actual ring online. Another great wedding ring choice is keeping it in the family. Sometimes rings can be passed down as heirlooms from generation to generation. This is a great choice because it means a lot more to the person than a store bought ring might. Similarly you could always go with engraving a special message into the ring. This makes the wedding ring even more personal.


Budget can be a great factor when it comes to choosing a ring, as obviously wedding rings can be extremely expensive. Obviously go for something that is within your budget or consider saving up money.

Think of the design

A girl will always look for a lovely design when it comes to a wedding ring. So a design is an important aspect of picking a wedding ring.


Make sure to always have your partner’s size when it comes to picking a ring, it will show that you have taken the effort to get the right and also just makes the matter of proposing a lot simpler.


Think of the properties of the metal of course. Traditionally gold is used for most wedding bands; some even choose silver, which is a simpler option. However platinum is more expensive but will last a lot longer.

Once you’ve got an idea on the rings you want you can look forward to your special day and so the rest of your life.